The Natal Convention Center brings together different and wide environments for the most varied events, large, medium or small, with multipurpose spaces to contemplate congresses, conventions, fairs, meetings and other types of national and international events. There are more than 21 thousand m² with three large pavilions and four air-conditioned blocks with accessibility, foyers, accreditation counters, multipurpose rooms, VIP rooms, auditoriums, terrace and parking.


Recently built, occupying 10,864 m² divided into two floors, with a total capacity to receive 8,400 people in 3 auditoriums and a modular pavilion.

Pavilion Nísia Floresta (Piso Térreo)

Large pavilion with 6,614.70 m² and a beautiful view of Ponta Negra beach, with capacity to hold events such as congresses, fairs, conventions, among others and to receive 7 thousand people in auditorium format. It has two articulated and acoustic partitions, ceiling height of 5.50 meters, pantry, bathrooms, accessibility and air conditioning.

Auditoriums Nísia Floresta (Piso Inferior)

Three auditoriums with 4.50 meters in height, two VIP rooms with private bathrooms, foyer, counter for accreditation and accessible bathrooms. Ademilde Fonseca Auditorium: Total area of 488.62m² with capacity for 400 people in auditorium Celina Guimarães Auditorium: Total area of 610.77m² with capacity for 500 people in auditorium Dona Militana Auditorium: Total area of 607.19m² with capacity for 500 people in auditorium VIP Room 01: 22.29m² with capacity for 10 people. VIP Room 02: 18.82m² with capacity for 10 people.


Total area of 2,944m², with 5.60 meters of ceiling height and capacity to receive 3,000 people. The space has acoustic partitions allowing to compose up to three auditoriums, one with a capacity for 400 participants and two with a capacity for 700 participants in each module, in addition to the large exhibition area.


Block A has 1,509m², with 2.90 meters in height. It has an air-conditioned hall with two counters for accreditation, as well as four multifunctional rooms with capacity for small groups, from 20 to 45 people. Zumbi Room: 54.02m² with a capacity for 45 people. Pipa Room: 35m² with a capacity for 25 people. Muriú Room: 43.73m² with capacity for 30 people. Pitangui Room: 34.97m² with capacity for 20 people.

(View: Left side)
(Vision: Center)
(View: Right side)


Block B has a total area of 1,948m², with 2.90 meters in height, large terrace, amphitheater, living room and kitchen.

Terrace: 954m² with a capacity for 1000 people. Kitchen: 115.26m², with counters and deposit. Ponta Negra Room: 38.27m² with a capacity for 20 people. Dorian Gray Caldas Amphitheater: 708m² with capacity for 500 people in auditorium format.

(Área Embarque)
(Sala Vip)


Block C has a total area of 2,103.39m², a foyer with 2.90 meters in height, two auditoriums with fixed seats and a stage. Deífilo Gurgel Auditorium: 169.91m² with a ceiling height of 2.90 meters and capacity for 120 seats (fixed chairs). Wilma de Faria Auditorium: 896.87m² with ceiling height between 4.30m and 8.90m, and capacity for 676 seats (fixed chairs) with stage and projection screen.

(Auditório Wilma de Faria)
(Auditório Fernando Paiva)


Total area of 4,392.77m² with 5.60 meters in height and capacity to receive 3,000 people in auditorium format. It is used for fairs and social events such as graduation parties, weddings, concerts and other.